Discount Terms and Rules

Discounts for loyal IAMG clients:

- For a second booking - 5%
- For a third booking - 6%
- For a 4th booking - 7%
- For a 5th booking - 8%
- For a 6th booking - 9%
- For a 7th or more bookings - 10%

Discounts for early booking – terms:

At least 6 months in advance for ascents and trekkings

1. All discounts for early bookings are valid only if they are stated in the program itself. We mark these discounts in red and they can be seen in the Calendar, in the main category and in the program itself.

2. The discount for early booking is 10%.

Rules for getting a discount:

1. You will receive a discount only when you prepay 100% from the program’s price.

2. We accept bookings made only through the IAMG website; booking made by email, phone or any other way will not be accepted.

3. In order to keep track of all your bookings you need to make one after logging into your account with us. If you have not registered for an account with us, please do so, so that we will be able to give a discount.

4. The discounts are being calculated automatically when making a booking.

5. If a certain program is in promotion or with a discount for early booking, the discount is being calculated based on it – not on the "loyal client" basis.

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